Provided a conceptual design for an on-site wastewater collection, treatment and disposal system for a 129-unit garden apartment complex for handicapped persons. The design called for a septic tank for each cluster of apartments with a variable grade effluent sewer (VGES) system to convey the septic tank effluent to a package treatment plant. The treatment plant was designed to achieve a high degree of nitrogen removal since nitrate concentrations in the groundwater were an issue in this location. A grinder pump station with a small diameter force main was used. Disposal was designed to include sub-surface drip irrigation and a conventional leach field. The estimated total cost of the system was approximately $750,000.

2004. Henry Ruhnke of Ruhnke, ?? and Dost of Monterey. The client was the County Housing Authority. The name for the existing and proposed facilities was Rippling River. The existing residents did not want to move from the old site and the project was eventually dropped. The proposed facility was to be located on the Carmel Valley Airport.