Castlewood Subdivision and Country Club. Worked on the design of two potable water pump stations and associated pressure piping for this development near Pleasanton, CA. Control of the system is by radio, based on tank levels.

City of Salinas. Designed a water well and piping system for irrigation of a new City golf course. Collected regulatory and hydrogeological information, and designed the casing, gravel pack, and areas of perforation. Observed the construction of the well and pump testing. Selected the pumping equipment. Designed the pipeline system to connect the well to the rest of the golf course irrigation system.

City of Brisbane Zone 4 Pumping Station. As a part of a project that involved the design of a new 500,000 gallon steel water storage tank, the existing pumping station that supplied the new tank was evaluated. The City originally envisioned replacing the pumps because the new tank was at a higher elevation than the previous tank and no information was available on the capacities of the existing pumps. Discussions with the operating staff indicated that although the existing pumping equipment was quite old, it had been recently overhauled and was considered to be in good condition. Working with the City’s staff, pumping tests were conducted to develop hydraulic curves for the existing pumps. It was found that the existing pumps could, in fact, serve the new tank, although at a somewhat diminished pumping rate. This work deferred the cost of purchasing new pumps for possibly as much as ten years.