June, 1993 to Present. Self employed independent consulting sanitary engineer.

1979-1993 Harris & Associates, Concord, CA. Chief Sanitary Engineer.

1977-1979 Engineering-Science, Arcadia, CA. Project Manager, water and wastewater project in Kathmandu, Nepal, and project engineer on a water resources project in Malaysia.

1976-1977 TAMS (Tippets-Abbett-McCarthy-Stratton), New York, NY. Project engineer on staff of the Ministry of Housing and Reconstruction, Cairo, Egypt.

1975-1976 Pandullo-Quirk Associates, Wayne, NJ. Director of Operations.

1973-1975 Harvard Business School.

1972-1973 Research-Cottrell, Bedminster, NJ. Administrative assistant to the vice-president of the environmental group.

1969-1972 Metcalf & Eddy, Boston, MA. Project engineer.

1966-1969 Metcalf & Eddy, DaNang, Viet Nam. Project engineer.

1965-1966 Kennedy Engineers, San Francisco, CA. Project engineer.

1964-1965 Harvard University, MA degree in sanitary engineering.

1963-1964 Georgia Institute of Technology, MS degree in sanitary engineering.

1960-1963 Engineering Officer, United States Marine Corps.