Reviewed the Standard Of Care in the design of a wastewater system for a food processor in the Sacramento River valley. Discovered that the design engineer had not included a solids removal unit process in the aerated lagoon wastewater treatment system, thus the system could not meet the required discharge standards.

Sewer Design Standard of Care. Expert witness on a case involving delay claims caused by problems with the design of the sewer system for a large apartment complex. Prepared a certificate for use in filing suit against the design engineer.

California Landing Stormwater Pump Station Flooding. Served as technical expert on a law suit involving the failure of a stormwater pump station in a subdivision in the lower East Bay. The station flooded out when excessive flows reached the site through a gap in the levees along the adjoining stream. Concluded that the design of the pump station met the Standard of Care and that the unforeseen, excessive flows were the cause of the problem.