Storm Water & Flooding

Extensive experience with stormwater engineering projects and forensic engineering projects flooding and stormwater.

City of National City, CA

Project Manager, Pump Stations Improvement Project. Was the lead designer on this project involving the replacement of pumping equipment and installation of a new radio alarm system in four pump stations. Design of the radio telemetry system was complicated by the...

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City of Burlingame, CA

Design of the California-Grove Stormwater Pump Station. The facilities included: a 28 CFS (18 MGD) pump station using submersible pumps; a standby generator; a storage building; drain inlets and piping; and site improvements. The construction cost of the facilities...

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City of Lancaster, CA

Prepared a preliminary design of a stormwater pumping system to minimize the time during which water would stand in a stormwater detention basin. The detention basin was used as a parking area for the nearby fair grounds.

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City of Alameda, CA

Conducted a feasibility study of installing a mechanically cleaned bar screen on a stormwater pump station. Received the assignment on Friday. Delivered the report to the City engineering staff on Monday afternoon for use in a meeting with the City Manager on Tuesday...

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City of El Segundo, CA

Project manager on the feasibility study and design of a storm water pump station modification project. The feasibility study analyzed the alternatives of two separate pump stations versus a single pump station connected by 1,300 feet of 60 inch sewer. The single pump...

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Modesto, CA Stormwater Detention Basin Design Guide Review

Reviewed the stormwater permit, draft master plan, standard specifications, Guidance Manual, and dual use document to evaluate why there is so much diversity in the types of stormwater detention basins that are built. Made recommendations on how the designs of the...

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