Water Pump Stations

Castlewood Subdivision and Country Club. Worked on the design of two potable water pump stations and associated pressure piping for this development near Pleasanton, CA. Control of the system is by radio, based on tank levels.

Santa Cruz County Sanitation District

Analyzed water hammer problems in a 4.17 mile long, 36-inch diameter steel force main. Reviewed the effectiveness of an existing surge relief valve and made recommendations on how to prevent the check valves from slamming.

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Reclaimed Water System, Soledad, CA

Evaluated the recommended storage basin and pump station for reclaimed water. Determined that the existing plant water pump station could be used and that a storage basin was unnecessary. The savings to the City was about $350,000. Designed the connection of the new...

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City of Tracy

Feasibility study of converting mined-out gravel pits into raw water storage reservoirs. The pits are conveniently located near the City's water treatment plant. The availability of storage would allow the City to use inexpensive surplus winter water rather than...

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Zone 4 Water Storage Tank, City Of Brisbane, CA

Lead design engineer on a project in which a 500,000 gallon water storage tank was constructed on a ridge at the highest part of the City of Brisbane. An intermediary water pump station was evaluated and determined to have adequate capacity to serve with the new tank....

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City of San Leandro

Estimated the costs of a five-year capital improvement program for the City's 16 sewage and stormwater pump stations for use as input in the budgeting process.

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