Mobile Home Parks

Mobile Home Park Sewage Overflow, Mountain County, CA. Evaluated the source and causes of a sewage overflow into a mobile home. Analyzed the damages that were claimed to have been caused by the sewage overflow.

Flooding Of A Mobile Home, San Bernardino County, CA

Served as an expert witness in a case where sewage backed up from the sewer system into a mobile home. After an initial site visit, the mobile home park disclosed that it did in fact have plans of the sewer system, which previously they denied having. Made a second...

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Permit Application for Mobile Home Park, Placer County, CA

Provided technical advice and an engineer’s report for permitting the wastewater system in a mobile home park. Estimated the flow, evaluated the sewer system and pumping station, and analyzed the treatment performance of the wastewater lagoon. Provided a water balance...

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Water System Contamination in Mobile Home Park

As an expert witness, evaluated alleged coliform contamination of the water supply to a mobile home park. The issues in the case involved the sampling techniques, the significance of the coliform laboratory analyses, the adequacy of the supply of water from the water...

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Mobile Home Park Contamination, North Bay

Technical expert on a case north of San Francisco Bay where the residents sued the owner alleging that the water supply was contaminated and that they had been exposed to sewage. - Wine Valley Mobile Estates. Sagmeister. 1999.

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