City of Point Arena. Was asked by the City to recommend Infiltration/Inflow improvements to the sewer system since the City’s percolation ponds had nearly overflowed during the preceding winter. Determined that improvements of the percolation ponds would increase the disposal capacity sufficiently that improvements were not needed to the sewer system.

Mariposa County

Design of small diameter variable grade effluent sewers and mound disposal systems for three rural communities. The work included a review of available technical literature on these innovative technology systems and discussions with experts throughout the United States.

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Monrovia Canyon Park Wastewater Disposal

Analyzed three alternatives for disposing of wastewater from a remote canyon park: (a) over a mile of conventional sanitary sewer to connect to the City sewer system; (b) septic tanks with a small diameter variable grade effluent sewer (VGES) to the City sewer system;...

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Santa Cruz County Sanitation District

Served as the lead project engineer on the design of rehabilitation of 25,000 linear feet of sewer pipe for the Santa Cruz County Sanitation District to correct excessive leakage (infiltration and inflow). The project rehabilitated the building laterals from the...

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Rocklin-Loomis Municipal Utility District

Sewer master plan for a 66 square mile region. The district had been in one geographic basin for 25 years, but had recently been given responsibility for a much expanded area and two new trunk sewer systems. The work of projecting growth rates an land use patterns was...

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City of National City

Design of 1,300 feet of sewer, including two jack and bores. During the study phase, inversion lining and slip lining were considered for parts of the sewer project. The project also included replacement of pumping equipment and installation of a new radio alarm...

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City of Vacaville

Elmira Road Trunk Sewer Replacement. Design of 3,500 feet of 54- inch sewer to replace an existing sewer which was damaged by hydrogen sulfide corrosion. To protect the new sewer, PVC lined concrete pipe was specified.

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