PCE Contamination

Served as an expert witness on several cases in which it was alleged that public sewer systems had allowed perchloroethylene (PCE) that was discharged by dry cleaning establishments to contaminate the groundwater. Topics of interest were design standards for sewer construction, leakage from various types of sewer pipes, and colmation (the tendency of sewage to seal the leaks).

Bay Area, CA

Provided sanitary engineering advice in a case where there was contamination from a gasoline station and from several dry cleaners. Issues involved the ease of maintenance of the sewer system and movement of vapor through the sewer system. Addressed the applicability...

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Davis, CA

Served as an expert witness in a case where there was a PCE plume beneath a building that housed a dry cleaner in the past and a printing company in the past and present. The printing company used TCE for cleaning its presses but denied having ever spilled any of it....

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MGP IX Lincoln Station, LLC V. City of Cerritos, CA

Served as an expert witness in a case where PCE from a dry cleaner in a shopping center and TCE from an automobile dealership that had occupied the site in the past leaked from the City sewer and created a plume under the shopping center. - Glaser Weil. 2014. Noah...

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Adobe V. Taeckers, Woodland, CA

Served as an expert witness in a complicated case involving leakage of PCE into and out of the City sewer system from a dry cleaning establishment in a shopping center. The case was in Federal court. Also served in subsequent proceedings.

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Hartford V. City Of Lodi, CA

Served as an expert witness in a case in which the City of Lodi was attempting to have a group of insurance companies pay for the cost of remediating several PCE plumes. Issues that were addressed included: standard of care for maintenance of the sewer system; which...

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