Modesto Stormwater Detention Basin Design Guide Review. Reviewed the stormwater permit, draft master plan, standard specifications, Guidance Manual, and dual use document to evaluate why there is so much diversity in the types of stormwater detention basins that are built. Made recommendations on how the designs of the basins can be managed to produce facilities that are more effective and easier to operate and maintain.

City of San Juan Capistrano. Prepared a Water Quality Plan for the City of San Juan Capistrano to control non-point sources of pollution. This plan is a part of stormwater work mandated by the Clean Water Act.

San Carlos Airport. Provided technical advice on stormwater improvements to accommodate further development of the site. The airport authority questioned how additional stormwater piping without any additional pumping capacity could increase the capacity of the overall stormwater system. Determined that the bottleneck in the system was the piping, not the pumps, and that the proposed improvements would in fact result in an increase in overall capacity.