Water Piping Systems

City of Stockton

Prepared an evaluation of an elevated steel water tank that had been found to be corroded. As a part of the evaluation, a determination was made that there is lead based paint on the exterior and interior of the tank. Methods were proposed for abating the lead based...

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San Bruno, CA Sweeney Ridge Waterline Evaluation

Evaluated the alternatives for dealing with a waterline that may be failing. The waterline delivers water to and from a ground level reservoir on Sweeney Ridge and is the only source of water for fire fighting in one zone of the City. The line has sprung a leak each...

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Private Hilltop Residence, Lafayette, CA

Designed water pumping systems for a large hilltop residence. One system provided potable water to the house and the sprinkler system. The other water system provided a fire flow of 600 GPM to a fire hydrant at the house and a 10,000 gallon storage tank. Provided...

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