Forensic Engineering

Over 25 years forensic/expert witness experience in more than 100 water, wastewater/sewage, and stormwater cases.

Alameda County, CA.

Served as expert witness in a case involving the failure of a leach field of a septic tank system at a very large single-family home shortly after the leach field was constructed. While channeling the overflowing sewage away from the residence, the home owner...

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Surfacing Septic Tank Effluent.

Reviewed voluminous documents and summarized the technical facts for the attorneys for two insurance companies, whose insureds were being sued by a downslope neighbor who claimed that their septic systems were discharging on to his property. Interviewed the...

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Cesspool Failure, City of Los Angeles

Advised on the failure of a cesspool at an expensive private residence in the City of Los Angeles. The purchaser of the residence was not informed that an older cesspool had failed and had been filled in. Attempts to construct a new cesspool were unsuccessful and the...

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Failure to Disclose, Leach Field Failure, San Diego, CA.

Provided technical advice to an attorney representing sellers of a home who were sued for failing to disclose problems with the leach field. The Sellers had a problem with the leach field a year Surfacing Septic Tank Effluent. Reviewed voluminous documents and...

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Other Forensic Engineering

Residential Leakage and Drainage Problems. Investigated leakage and drainage problems in approximately 200 houses. About a dozen of these cases resulted in legal action, in which Bonneau Dickson was used as an expert. Expert Witness, Failed Stormdrain Piping. Serving...

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PCE (Perchlorethylene-Laundry Solvent) Contamination

Bonneau Dickson has served as an expert witness on several cases in which it was alleged that public sewer systems had allowed perchloroethylene (PCE) that was discharged by dry cleaning establishments to contaminate the groundwater. Topics of interest were design...

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