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Water Facilities Planning

City of Stockton.  Prepared an evaluation of an elevated steel water tank that had been found to be corroded.  As a part of the evaluation, a determination was made that there is lead based paint on the exterior and interior of the tank.  Methods were proposed for abating the lead based paint.  The team that was assembled for this project included a structural engineer, a corrosion engineer, a lead based paint consultant, and an underwater video inspection contractor.  Confined space entry and fall protection were major issues in the execution of the work.

City of Tracy.  Feasibility study of converting mined-out gravel pits into raw water storage reservoirs.  The pits are conveniently located near the City’s water treatment plant.  The availability of storage would allow the City to use inexpensive surplus winter water rather than expensive year-round water.

Monterey Peninsula College.  Prepared a report on the feasibility of drilling a well to supply irrigation water for the athletic fields so the potable water previously used for irrigation could be used as an offset for a new Library Technology Building.  Due to the shortage of water in the Monterey area, the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District requires such offsets for all new construction.  Identified and determined the requirements of all relevant agencies, as well as the technical requirements for the well.

San Bruno, CA. Sweeney Ridge Waterline Evaluation.  Evaluated the alternatives for dealing with a waterline that may be failing.  The waterline delivers water to and from a ground level reservoir on Sweeney Ridge and is the only source of water for fire fighting in one zone of the City.  The line had sprung a leak each year for the past three years.  Determined that all three leaks were in one area.  Recommended that corrosion investigation be done of the pipe in the area where the failures occurred, before a decision to replace the entire pipeline is made.

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