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Wastewater Facilities Design

Oro Loma Sanitary District.  Designed modifications to the digester gas piping system to separate it from electrical facilities and thus bring it into compliance with National Fire Protection Association Standard 820 and the National Fuel Gas Code.

Santa Cruz County Sanitation District, Aptos Transmission Main Relocation Project. (Aptos Esplanade Pump Station Upgrade and Upper Tannery Gulch, Lower Tannery Gulch, New Brighton State Beach Campground and New Brighton State Beach Toilet Pump Stations).  Project Engineer on the relocation of a 20-inch pressure pipeline in the beach to an inland route.  The new pressure pipeline system includes 17,000-feet of 16-inch and 18-inch force mains.  The project also includes a major upgrade of the existing Rio-Esplanade Pump Station, which involves the replacement of three 40 HP pumps with four 185 HP pumps.  The existing 225 KW standby generator will be replaced with a 800 KW generator.  Four additional force mains were designed for new submersible pump stations, two of which will include standby generators.

Southern California City.  Analyzed three alternatives for disposing of wastewater from a remote canyon park:  (a) over a mile of conventional sanitary sewer to connect to the City sewer system; (b) septic tanks with a small diameter variable grade effluent sewer (VGES) to the City sewer system; and (c) septic tanks with soil absorption systems.  The innovative VGES system costs only 40 percent of the conventional sewer alternative, but provides the same degree of service and reliability.  It was selected for implementation, saving the City an estimated $155,000.

Water Facilities Design

Castlewood Subdivision and Country Club.  Worked on the design of two potable water pump stations and associated pressure piping for this development near Pleasanton, CA.  Control of the system is by radio, based on tank levels.

City of Salinas.  Designed a water well and piping system for irrigation of a new City golf course.  Collected regulatory and hydrogeological information, and designed the casing, gravel pack, and areas of perforation.  Observed the construction of the well and pump testing.  Selected the pumping equipment.  Designed the pipeline system to connect the well to the rest of the golf course irrigation system.

City of Brisbane Zone 4 Pumping Station.  As a part of a project that involved the design of a new 500,000 gallon steel water storage tank, the existing pumping station that supplied the new tank was evaluated.  The City originally envisioned replacing the pumps because the new tank was at a higher elevation than the previous tank and no information was available on the capacities of the existing pumps.  Discussions with the operating staff indicated that although the existing pumping equipment was quite old, it had been recently overhauled and was considered to be in good condition.  Working with the City’s staff, pumping tests were conducted to develop hydraulic curves for the existing pumps.  It was found that the existing pumps could, in fact, serve the new tank, although at a somewhat diminished pumping rate.  This work deferred the cost of purchasing new pumps for possibly as much as ten years.

Stormwater Facilities Design

City of Burlingame.  Design of the California-Grove Stormwater Pump Station.  The facilities included: a 28 CFS (18 MGD) pump station using submersible pumps; a standby generator; a storage building; drain inlets and piping; and site improvements.  The construction cost of the facilities was $1.3 million.

Coffee-Claratina Stormwater Pump Station, City of Modesto.  Assisted the City staff in designing the completion of a stormwater pump station to empty the dual-use detention basin that had been constructed as a feature of the park.  Calculated the required pumping rates to meet various requirements and confirmed the pump selection.  Prepared skeleton designs of the valve vault and piping systems for installation by City staff.  The work was performed by City staff, augmented by contractors, on an expedited basis in just 12 weeks to allow the park to open on schedule.

City of Alameda.  Conducted a feasibility study of installing a mechanically cleaned bar screen on a stormwater pump station.  Received the assignment on Friday.  Delivered the report to the City engineering staff on Monday afternoon for use in a meeting with the City Manager on Tuesday morning.  Designed the bar screen and provided technical support during construction.

Other Design

Marin County.  Designed an on-site mound septic system for an existing residence.

Contra Costa County.  Designed an on-site at-grade wastewater treatment and disposal system on a very tight site for a large new private residence.

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